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Water Organization for Development and Engineering from Belgrade, founded in 2003 with the objective of research, development and exploitation of new natural mineral water resources.

After thorough research of mineral water resources, conducted over several years at numerous locations in West Balkan, we have chosen the well „St. Petka of the Spring“ in the village of Izvor in Serbia, as the most perspective for further development and exploitation of high quality mineral water.

Specific geological composition of the ground through which the artesian water rich in natural minerals and electrolytes is filtered at this source, give it a specific soft and light flavor, putting it among best mineral waters in the world.

Saint Petka

“St. Petka” NATURAL ARTESIAN mineral water

Not every bottled mineral water is the same. each contains different mineral content, that depend on the composition and types of rocks the water flows through. Mineralization level and type defines the flavor and quality of every mineral water.

All results of the monitoring, evaluations and research confirm that “St. Petka of the Spring“ originates from great depths where it remained for centuries in the water bearing levels of neogenic sediments dating back to upper Jurassic period, that originated in absolutely clean environment not influenced by natural environment typical for modern age.

Thanks to unique ground composition “St. Petka of the Spring” is completely clean water with balances mineral content, it is 100% natural and authentic from its origin.

Coming from the depth of 300m, is it protected from all impurities and environmental contamination. To maintain its natural quality “St. Petka of the Spring” is bottled directly at its source.

Unique balance of minerals in St. Petka water ensures the bioavailability of the minerals. Human body absorbs them quickly since they are already diluted in water. This water is distinguished by excellent mineral content, most notably calcium and magnesium, giving the consumer a taste of untouched nature.

Saint Petka


In human body water is a universal medium that maintains cell function, it is contained in blood, enables transport of nutritive ingredients and excretion of metabolism’s products and harmful substances. Given that water is the most abundant substance in human body, keeping the balance of water is one of the most important preconditions for healthy functioning.

Not every bottled mineral water is the same Each contains various mineral content, so it is important that consumers understand benefits and characteristics of all these indispensable minerals.

Differences in taste between waters are quite subtle, nevertheless they are discernible. Local geological strata impart water with different mineral content. When it comes to “St. Petka”, it is a low-mineral hydrocarbon calcium-magnesium cold groundwater.

Stable regime of the chemical composition and physical properties of the water is indicated by the results of numerous physical-chemical, chemical and microbiological tests. Dry residue, pH value, hardness, temperature and relationship of macro components in chemical composition with the microbiological sterility and radiation safety makes this water ideal for everyday use, regardless of age, health or physical condition of users.

Category “natural mineral water” indicates the water of the highest quality; water can only be named as such if it is officially recognized and tapped at one or more natural or bore exits. In case of „St. Petka“, there is only one location – exit (like Danone’s Evian).

Mineral composition - mg/l

Calcium - 90.9


Magnesium - 24.2


Iodine (I-) - 0.52


Sodium - 1.89


Potassium - 0.65


Sulfate - 5.4


Silica - 4.83


Nitrate - 9.5


Soluble total solids - 314 (180 ⁰C )


Bicarbonate - 384.8

We will only know the worth of water when the well is dry
Benjamin Franklin
Our Service

Our Services

Basic scope of WODE’s business activities are research, development, production, and distribution of natural mineral water.

Our Vision

Becoming a reliable long-term supplier of this important strategic resource development and distribution of “St. Petka of the Spring” mineral water to markets of GCC and China.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to responsible management of this important natural resource, with profitable business activity and investment in the future of the community and focus of efforts to important issues of environmental protection.

Our Service


All members of WODE team are have long-standing experience in various economic activities and different spheres of business management…


Alexander Baldinger

President of BoD

has a variety of experience at accounting and executive finance positions within large companies in Switzerland, providing consulting and advice financial institutions and banks in fund management with product development, marketing, sales and administration…


Dragan Asanin

Chief Executive Officer

has gained experience working in different business areas: from TV and movie production, through international trade of energetics to project management an excellent track record in different investment projects, and is experienced with the administrative procedures of running a water exploration facility and a bottling plant…

M.Pavlovic 3

Miodrag Pavlovic

Chief Financial Officer

has banking experience in sectors for bank loans, crediting and guarantees in foreign trade, and special funds management, includes foreign and domestic trade, investments, and financial transactions…

jovan s.

Jovan Simunovic

Chief Operations Officer

has experience in teaching positions, occupied position of Managing Director in several production facilities, public utility for water supply, production of PET and pre-forms, company for mineral water and juices production and bottling water factory…



Company WODE plans to place on the market the product which come in a contemporary designed packaging that meet the diverse needs: from practical PET packaging, to elegant glass bottle that will decorate each table in a home, restaurant or coffee shop.



A good idea is a valuable resource. If connected with real possibilities, it is creating real value.
Unique quality of “St. Petka of the Spring” mineral water is the best basis for creation of real values.





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